Me and my crêpe escape 

My name is Gaël Gaudin I live on the north side of Dublin since 1996. Growing up my mother always spoilt us with fantastic food at every meal and when I flew out of the nest I naturally took to cooking so to feel at home.

I’ve been working in IT since the roll out of the Y2K patches (when floppy disks where still awesome), but I have also always loved beautiful and traditional food like my mum. Having worked prior to IT in upmarket restaurants and busy pubs in Dublin and London it was only natural that I would one day decide to run a food business. 

Last year in 2021 between two Covid lockdowns I trained as a professional chef crêpier in Brittany with the renowned Blé Noir academy in the Finistère region.

They also gave me the opportunity to gain some work experience in their restaurant and at the busy Bout du Monde music festival. 

After much planning and training with Food Safety and the Local Enterprise Office I finally started my food stall The Crêpe Escape in March at the Honest to Goodness market in Glasnevin in Dublin and have since worked on markets and events every week. 

I am also passionate about wellbeing and nature, I love my city but it is choking with traffic so instead of deciding to invest in a food truck or converted horse trailer I had planned from day 1 to use my existing cargo bike to bring Crêpes and happiness to the world! I did a lot of networking last summer to see what established traders in France use to run their stalls and I finally settled on a trailer equipped with a kitchen worktop.

It had to be big enough to take 2 biligs (crepe makers) and carry food supplies, utensils and a gazebo. After testing a couple of options I decided to invest in a three wheel Carla trailer from Greenaer that the talented Ken Maye fitted with custom made wooden kitchen press and stainless steel worktop to my specifications.

I had a fantastic experience working with the guys at Greenaer on this project and I was thrilled to be asked to cater for all who attended the UNICEF fundraising afternoon they had organised for grand opening of their new show rooms In Sandyford. 

The trailer is ideal for me and its appeal is undeniable. Quite a few people come to me to chat about it (and buy a Crêpe)! 

Some say a mobile motorised kitchen would have been easier to trade from but cycling enthusiasts know that being inventive and adaptable allows people to do the just the same and in more  ecological fun AND cheaper way. I am proud not to rely on fossil fuel and engines for the crêpe escape as I also alway do my best to only use organic, low miles ingredients and compostable wrappings.

Going forward I aim to keep trading at markets but I would also like to do more private events, birthdays, festivals or corporate for exemple and I would also love to teach people how to make pancakes like I have learned.