This page is full of secret pancake recipes …

Well not really !! haha !! because pancake making is delicious but it is traditional dish ! There are pancake recipes are ALL OVER the internet !

In France and to be more precise in Brittany people eat a LOT of crêpes. Galettes or crêpes de blé noir (Buckwheat) are usually eaten with savoury toppings and the crêpes de froment (wheat) with sweet topping. People eat them hot, cold, as a wrap, at meal times or as a snack, in a crêperies for a seat down meal or stalls to take away. They very often buy paquets 6 or 12 plain crêpes freshly made to take home and garnish later.

So what makes a good pancake? You need GOOD quality ingredients first and foremost. The flour, the eggs, the milk and the sugar need to be the best you can get.

For the galettes (buckwheat pancakes) I use buckwheat flour made from grain grown and milled in brittany that I import. I never use less than the IGP label that garanties the buckwheat is grown and milled locally (and not across the world somewhere obscur disguised by misguiding labelling). If can buy organic even better.

The wheat flour is grown and milled in Monaghan. You can taste the farmers’ commitment and passion in their fantastic flour! Check the Irish Organil Mill here

I buy organic/freerange eggs and milk and I am still looking for sugar produced in Ireland. Any tips let me know!

So here it goes

Galette (Buckwheat pancake) Recipe:

500g of buckewheat flour

1-1.5 L of water

1 tbl spoon of salt.

makes 15 galettes.

Mix the flour with a minimum of 500ml of cold water. Your dough should be quite thick and silky. Now add another 250ml of water and mix/beat the dough with the palm of your hand (or a large spoon) for at least 5 minutes to let in as much air as possible. Your dough should be smooth with a slight shin and bubbles should appear when you have incorporated enough air. Don’t use a whisk or the galettes will be compact and dry. Leave the dough to rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours (or even better overnight) to let it ferment. An airtight container might pop!

How to mix =>

Crêpes (traditional) pancake recipe:

500g of plain flour

4 eggs

100g of sugar

1L of milk

Whisk the eggs and sugar together, then add in a bit of flour. Mix well add some more milk then flour. Repeat this 3-4 times until you have used up your ingredients.

And that’s it! These are foolproof pancake recipes that you can prepare the up to three days in advance (only if you only use up half of the liquid water for galettes, milk for crêpes). If you use the full amount it will go off quicker in your fridge and that would be an awful pity…

I will demonstrate how to cook the crepes even on a cheap and cheerful crêpes maker, in the meantime keep and eye on social media if you want find me and to taste my pancakes!